Smart Home Loxone makes it possible

We automate your lighting, heating, ventilation, blinds, audio and visual media. Control your energy supplies and energy usage making your home efficient and smart. We integrate with our range of Alarms, CCTV and Access Control systems. All controls at your fingertips - delivered through to your tablet and smartphone wherever you are.

We are exclusive:

Home AutomationExactly the way you want it

Our multidiscipline approach and flexibility of Loxone platform, makes anything possible. We will work with your designers, architects and building contractors. Just imagine what your new home could do for you!

Complete Controlor autopilot living

Control every aspect of your home from smartphone or tablet, or just let it work for you. Autopilot living seamlessly integrates every aspect of your home and its surroundings into your daily routines.

Smart Homes for sustainable future